Cell Phone Accessories

Nowadays everyone has a cell phone. Some people have more than one phone. There are many firms that manufacture cell phones and so, a person has a lot of choices. The most known cell phone brand is Nokia. This firm has had a great success and it`s cell phones are spread world wide. There isn`t a person that has not heard of nokia. The first cell phone appeared in 1976 , introduced on the market by Martin Cooper. Since then, they have become popular and nowadays necessary. The cell phone offers us the possibility to communicate everywhere from anywhere. Besides the fact that they are used for communication, cell phones are also great for receiving data information, photos, videos, you can watch tv from your phone, you can surf the internet you can play games or even listen to radio or music you already have. Depending on which cell phone model you choose, you can do anything from only this device.

Cell phone accessories has also a wide range of products. For example there are cheap cell phone accessories made of leather or hard cases made of plastic or metal to protect the phone. Other accessories are handsfree headphones, car kit, car charger, belt clips, memory crads etc. Each phone has a certain memory but if you want more space for your games or music you can buy a card memory that can be inserted into the phone to get more space. Cell phone accessories are very popular among teenagers. Many change their cases in different colours, also there are little trinkets that can be hanged on your cell phone.

Many people, that want to cutom their cell phone apply accessories such as precious crystals on it. It gives a glamorous look and in the same time, those that like the idea show of their tastes and social status. Vertu is one of the most popular brands of cell phones among the rich people. Vertu cell phones can be made of steel, gold, platinum or even diamonds. Cell phone accessories is practically nonsense. The cell phone is itself an accessory so we accessories our accessory. Many just want to use the phone for already determined purposes like communicating with people. Other change their phones once a month , with the newest model that appears. Cell phones can create addiction and there have been many studies made to discover if using the cell phone too much can cause cancer because of the magnetic waves.

As a conclusion, cell phones are best to use when needed. Some people stay at the phone for hours, especially teenagers and it`s not ok. Like computers and tv`s, cell phones have also side effects so we have to becareful not to exagerate. Having two or three phones means you are a busy person, but many kids nowadays have two phones and don`t use them. The cell phone has become a caprice and many buy just because everyone else has one.