Overview of Tumblr themes

Tumblr is a great platform for the professional bloggers who want to build their career in the writing field and showcase your writing skills in front of the million of the people. More than 11 million people come on this platform and earn billion of views on their blogs. Quality content is important to attract the people towards your blogs and same as that themes and designs also plays an immense role in grabbing the attention of the viewers. It creates your appealing image on the web and even it may be your first impression on the people because people will know you through your writing and design of the blog. They will assume your personality as per your choice of the design of your blog. That is why Tumblr offer a list of the fantastic themes to the users so that bloggers can choose a theme as per their taste of style.

No matter, what is your writing topic and style; you will pick the best themes from this platform that will worth your time and requirements. Also, if you want to create a blog on Tumblr for the SEO purpose, then you don’t need to go anywhere else because Tumblr allows you to use this platform for profession SEO services.  Here are few example of the Tumblr themes name such as Void, Simplify, Ashley, Fireheart, The Atlantic, Rue, Rank & File, Oscar, and Candice Theme, Side Minimal, Elizabeth Jane, Effector Theme, Postage, pillar, Smart Minimal, Flour & Water and so on. Apart from that, you can also see plenty of other themes on the Tumblr. Whether you want to create a blog for a fashion blog, or business blog, food business other general writing purposes, then this Tumblr blog is designed for you. All themes will help you to express your business type.

The layouts and designs of the themes are ready to use so you can use these themes as it is. The classy layouts of the Tumblr themes are enough to compel your visitors to stay and read your article. Furthermore, if you want some changes in your selected theme, then you can also do it as per your desire. The process of selecting themes and layouts are pretty much easy, and you can see a live demo of your selected layout. Also, you can change your theme at any time without paying a penny. Another benefit of the Tumblr theme or blog is that these themes are very easy to customize and user-friendly. You can use these layouts in your android or Smartphone, laptop, and computers as well.

To use Tumblr platform, you just need to follow few steps, which is as follows:

  • Signup or login into the Tumblr account
  • Create your profile so that people can easily identify you
  • Select your desired theme
  • Click on the customize link to customize your blog
  • Post your article and design your blog as per your requirements
  • Click on the Save button, and your blog is ready to attract your visitor’s attention.

You can also add your social links to the blog that is also very helpful to connect your visitors. It also has several compelling aspects that may enough to choose this platform for blogging. Regardless of, you are a professional blogger and newbie; you can take the benefit of this amazing platform. Happy Tumblr blogging! Read more at Blogger Buzz.

Valentine’s Day 2017 The iPhone App

Valentine’s Day, which is annually held on February 14, is one of the most romantic days in the year for many people.

Most people in countries around the world celebrate Valentine’s Day by giving flowers, chocolates, jewelry or other presents of all shapes and sizes to their loved ones or those they admire. Some people choose Valentine’s Day as the day to propose to their partners, while others set February 14 as their wedding day.

The most common symbols of Valentine’s Day are heart shapes, which are used to decorate many things, including cards, trees, wrapping paper, cookies and gift boxes. Other symbols associated with Valentine’s Day are pairs of birds, cute teddy bears, Cupid and his arrows and couples kissing or embracing. The colors red and pink are often associated with Valentine’s Day.

If you’re stuck for ideas to make Valentine’s Day extra special, here is a helpful app that takes the hard work out of your Valentine’s Day preparation.

Valentine’s Day app lets you create nice love theme photos and greeting cards and share them with your loved ones this this Valentines Day in just few taps!

This app requires iOS 7.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

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Cell Phone Accessories

Nowadays everyone has a cell phone. Some people have more than one phone. There are many firms that manufacture cell phones and so, a person has a lot of choices. The most known cell phone brand is Nokia. This firm has had a great success and it`s cell phones are spread world wide. There isn`t a person that has not heard of nokia. The first cell phone appeared in 1976 , introduced on the market by Martin Cooper. Since then, they have become popular and nowadays necessary. The cell phone offers us the possibility to communicate everywhere from anywhere. Besides the fact that they are used for communication, cell phones are also great for receiving data information, photos, videos, you can watch tv from your phone, you can surf the internet you can play games or even listen to radio or music you already have. Depending on which cell phone model you choose, you can do anything from only this device.

Cell phone accessories has also a wide range of products. For example there are cheap cell phone accessories made of leather or hard cases made of plastic or metal to protect the phone. Other accessories are handsfree headphones, car kit, car charger, belt clips, memory crads etc. Each phone has a certain memory but if you want more space for your games or music you can buy a card memory that can be inserted into the phone to get more space. Cell phone accessories are very popular among teenagers. Many change their cases in different colours, also there are little trinkets that can be hanged on your cell phone.

Many people, that want to cutom their cell phone apply accessories such as precious crystals on it. It gives a glamorous look and in the same time, those that like the idea show of their tastes and social status. Vertu is one of the most popular brands of cell phones among the rich people. Vertu cell phones can be made of steel, gold, platinum or even diamonds. Cell phone accessories is practically nonsense. The cell phone is itself an accessory so we accessories our accessory. Many just want to use the phone for already determined purposes like communicating with people. Other change their phones once a month , with the newest model that appears. Cell phones can create addiction and there have been many studies made to discover if using the cell phone too much can cause cancer because of the magnetic waves.

As a conclusion, cell phones are best to use when needed. Some people stay at the phone for hours, especially teenagers and it`s not ok. Like computers and tv`s, cell phones have also side effects so we have to becareful not to exagerate. Having two or three phones means you are a busy person, but many kids nowadays have two phones and don`t use them. The cell phone has become a caprice and many buy just because everyone else has one.

World Hyundai Matteson Has Aftermarket Trailer Hitches for the All-New 2013 Santa Fe

SUVs and crossovers have a lot of advantages. Most of them can carry a lot of cargo, they can seat plenty of passengers, it’s often easier to see what’s in front of you, and some of them look pretty stylish. Hyundai’s all-new 2013 Santa Fe fits that description perfectly.

One of the main knocks on crossovers and SUVs has always been their fuel-efficiency (or lack of it, is a better way to put it). Well, the 2013 Santa Fe has solved that problem. It’s rated at an amazing 33 mpg on the highway, making it much more fuel-efficient than many smaller, less versatile vehicles.

Some (although not all) SUVs and crossovers are powerful enough to comfortably and safely pull a camper or trailer once they’re fitted with aftermarket trailer hitches. When was the last time you tried towing a boat with an underpowered vehicle? It’s not pretty. Fortunately, the 2013 Santa Fe can handle towing your boat, trailer or camper without any problems. It was already pretty good, but the towing capacity of the Hyundai Santa Fe has been bumped up in the 2013 model.

What about fuel efficiency? Pulling a trailer or camper will inevitably reduce your vehicle’s mileage per gallon, so it’s important to start with a vehicle that’s efficient and economical. Like the 2013 Santa Fe, for example.

Of course, before most vehicles can be used to tow anything, they need to have aftermarket trailer hitches installed. And that’s where World Hyundai Matteson comes into the picture. In addition to being greater Chicago’s premier Hyundai dealership and having an extensive inventory of 2013 Santa Fe SUVs, World Hyundai Matteson sells and installs aftermarket trailer hitches that will fit your new Santa Fe perfectly.

When you’re looking at aftermarket trailer hitches, it’s important to make sure the one you actually buy is designed to be used with your vehicle’s specific make and model. The Parts Department at World Hyundai Matteson carries a large selection of aftermarket trailer hitches, including hitches that fit the all-new Santa Fe. Prices are extremely competitive.
It’s also important to make sure your trailer hitch is installed properly. All the techs working in the Service Department at World Hyundai Matteson are highly trained experts. They know how to install aftermarket trailer hitches the right way – so they’re safe, reliable and dependable. The installation charge is as low as you’ll find anywhere else, and the job will be done right when you have your hitch installed at World Hyundai Matteson.

Why not visit World Hyundai Matteson and learn how Chicago’s leading Hyundai dealership can make your new Santa Fe even more versatile? The dealership is an easy 25-mile drive from downtown Chicago.

World Hyundai Matteson Sells and Installs a Large Selection of Aftermarket Trailer Hitches

There aren’t many family getaways that give you more fun than spending some time camping by the lake or boating – especially when you live in the Chicago area and you have so many great possibilities. But, you won’t be able to tow any kind of boat or even a small camper unless you have a trailer hitch installed on your vehicle.

Aftermarket trailer hitches can make your vehicle much more versatile, and they give you the ability to take great family camping trips or go boating on the lake. When you install an aftermarket trailer hitch, all of a sudden your car, SUV, truck or van isn’t just transportation – it’s transformed into an opportunity to have a fantastic outdoor family adventure!

The problem is that most new or used vehicles don’t come with trailer hitches, and until you get one your options for camping or boating are limited at best. Fortunately, World Hyundai Matteson can help you out, whether you’re driving a Hyundai or some other manufacturer’s vehicle.

World Hyundai Matteson is one of the greater Chicago area’s leading Hyundai dealers, and its parts and service departments are second to none. The personnel working in the parts department are friendly and helpful, and they’ll be able to get you a great price on the aftermarket trailer hitch that’s right for your vehicle – whether it’s a Hyundai or not.

Of course, some car owners can’t handle installing aftermarket trailer hitches, and others just don’t want to go to the bother. At World Hyundai Matteson, you’ll never be left standing there holding your new trailer hitch and wondering how in the world (pun intended) you’ll get it installed properly. That’s because World Hyundai’s world-class service department can install any aftermarket trailer hitch on any vehicle made by Hyundai or another car manufacturer.

So, unless you want to save a little money by installing your new trailer hitch yourself, it’s simplest to just let the World Hyundai Matteson service department take care of everything. World Hyundai’s charge for installing aftermarket trailer hitches is as low as you’ll find anywhere and you’ll avoid all the muss, fuss and hassle of installing your new hitch yourself. You’ll also be sure that your hitch is installed properly because the service technicians are extremely well trained and highly qualified.

Aftermarket trailer hitches open up a whole new world to car owners. They let you tow a boat to your favorite spot at the lake or haul a camper to a great camping spot. With the right aftermarket trailer hitch, you can even pack your personal goods into a cargo trailer and tow it to cut your moving expenses.

World Hyundai Matteson is located at the intersection of I-57 and US Route 30 (the Lincoln Highway). It’s easy to find and convenient for everyone in the greater Chicago area because it’s only 25 miles from downtown Chicago. The parts and service departments at World Hyundai Matteson can handle all your towing and other vehicle needs.

Buying Aftermarket Trailer Hitches at World Hyundai Matteson

Wouldn’t you love to go boating or camping whenever you have the free time? If so, you’ll need to hook up a trailer hitch to your vehicle so you can tow your boat or camper. Whether you own a Hyundai or some other manufacturer’s SUV, truck, van or automobile, aftermarket trailer hitches can help you get more value and fun out of your vehicle.

Before you can tow any type of camper or boat, you’ll need to buy and install a trailer hitch that’s appropriate for your vehicle. World Hyundai Matteson sells and installs aftermarket hitches that have been specifically designed for Hyundais, but it also sells and installs towing equipment that’s suitable for other manufacturers’ vehicles.

Located in the greater Chicago area (specifically, the Matteson Auto Mall off I-57 in Matteson, Illinois), World Hyundai Matteson has the perfect solution for your aftermarket trailer hitch needs. The trailer hitches sold by World Hyundai Matteson are of the highest quality and they’ll handle your towing requirements safely and conveniently.

What’s more, the helpful folks in the parts department at World Hyundai Matteson can get you a great deal on the right trailer hitch for your particular vehicle, whether it’s a Hyundai or made by a different manufacturer. If you like to work on cars and you have the right set of tools and skills, you can then install the trailer hitch yourself.

Naturally, installing an aftermarket trailer hitch yourself can save you a certain amount of money. But, depending on the specific vehicle and trailer hitch involved, the installation sometimes gets a bit tricky, especially if you’re not a skilled mechanic. If you’re concerned about your ability to install an aftermarket trailer hitch properly or if you just don’t want to bother, the service department at World Hyundai Matteson is ready and able to help.

World Hyundai’s world-class service technicians can install your new trailer hitch for you, and the installation charge will be surprisingly reasonable. When you have World Hyundai handle it, you’ll know your trailer hitch has been installed safely and correctly, and you won’t have to expend any time or effort doing it yourself. Because World Hyundai’s service technicians are all highly trained and factory-certified, they’ll do the job right the first time.

Being able to tow a camper or a boat can give you a lot more flexibility and enable you to get much more enjoyment from your vehicle, whether it’s a Hyundai or not. World Hyundai Matteson sells and installs aftermarket trailer hitches for every type of vehicle that’s capable of towing a camper or boat.

The helpful personnel in the World Hyundai parts department will help you identify the right aftermarket hitch for your vehicle, and then they’ll get you a great price on the equipment you need. The service technicians will install it properly so you can just drive off and be on your way to an exciting, fun weekend of camping or boating on the lake.

Hitch News


“Wired” reviews Hitch. “USB Has A Middleman” by David Becker


Check out what others write about Hitch. Check out the most recent Hitch reviews:
Podcasting News


MTP Firmware Released Sima is proud to announce that our new MTP firmware download is available for consumers to improve their experience with our Hitch (Models USB-101 & USB-102). This web based upgrade will allow the customer to expand their use of the Hitch with many other devices.



World’s most portable Linux dev kit? Hitch is powered by a Linux O/S on a chip. Some are saying it’s the world’s most portable Linux dev kit, because of it’s pocketable size and ability to run user-created programs. What do you think? Is Hitch a h@xx0r l33t secret?



Hitch coming soon to Best Buy! Is your iPod lonely? Hitch will be making it’s debut in Best Buy stores and on the web very soon. Is your iPod lonely? Get Hitch and make new friends by sharing movies, music and photos without a PC! But Hitch isn’t just for iPods anymore…stay tuned for details!



Bring home Hitch for the Holidays! It’s the gift that keeps on sharing all year long! Bring home Hitch for the Holidays! It’s the gift that keeps on sharing all year long! Hitch, recently featured in the iLounge.com 2007 iPod buyers guide, is the perfect gift this Holiday season for the gadget enthusiast in every household. Know someone that has everything, including an iPod? Hitch is the perfect way to surprise them! How about the digital camera enthusiast? Give them a Hitch and they can share photos quickly without a PC!



Hitch featured in iLounge’s 2007 iPod Buyers Guide! The ONLY way to share music between iPods featured! Hitch featured in iLounge’s 2007 iPod Buyers Guide! Hitch has been featured as the most unique accessory in the iLounge.com Annual iPod Buyers Guide. Check it out here. We recommend downloading the wide version, as it looks cooler on your screen. It’s truly an honor to be recognized again by iLounge.



Hitch Sponsors eXposure 2006 @ Mr. Smalls in Pittsburgh! Hitch will be the star of the show this weekend at eXposure 2006, a Pittsburgh local music festival that lasts 2 days. There will be free stickers and coupons for a heck of a deal on Hitch through OutletDude.com, free music from local Pittsburgh bands, and even some free T-Shirts! Is your iPod lonely? Introduce it to some new friends with Hitch this weekend at Mr. Smalls. Bring your ‘Pod to the show, and get your hookup from Sima’s Hitch and OutletDude.com! Watch this site for future concert promotions with Hitch in your city!



Hitch – a Blender Magazine Top Tech Pick for 2006! Hitch – a Blender Magazine Top Tech Pick for 2006! The October 2006 issue of the popular Blender Magazine features Hitch on pg. 116 as part of their Tech Gear Special! The mag hit newstands last week. Get yours now!



Hitch is proud to sponsor the Tampa Music, Arts, and Culture! Hitch is proud to sponsor the Tampa Music, Arts, and Culture! Sima has begun a relationship with the Tampa, FL based organization Tampa MAC, to help promote the Arts through Music Festivals, Art Shows, and Cultural Events. Please visit the Tampa MAC website @ http://www.tampamacfestival.com/ and keep watching this space for future sponsorship info and the scoop on concerts, brought to you by SIMA and HITCH!



CNET reviews Hitch. Check out the Hitch “First Look” video.



Hitch hits the web! Check out what others write about Hitch:
Red Ferret Journal
Macworld’s Gadgetbox
Digital Lifestyle Magazine

Hitch. Pass It On

Hitch makes transferring files on the go a snap – all without a computer! Hitch can connect USB devices such as digital cameras, digital audio/video players, USB flash drives and more. Hitch is compatible with many brands of digital devices, such as Apple, Creative, iRiver, Samsung, Sony, Canon, Nikon, Casio, Olympus, Panasonic, Philips – virtually any device with a USB connection. The pocket-sized Hitch will transfer music, video, photos, documents, and more.

Hitch not only delivers freedom from your computer, it does so with blazing speed. It will transfer a digital photo in under 3 seconds, while an entire album can be sent in 75 seconds! In addition, there is no better way to transfer digital video from a family outing than with Hitch. A two-hour video file can be sent in 15 minutes!

  • Song: (4MB) 5 seconds
  • Album: (15 songs) 80 seconds
  • Photo: (2MB) 2.5 seconds
  • Video (30 min) 3 minutes
  • Video (2hr) 12 minutes

Hitch is compliant with all Digital Rights Management (DRM) copy-protection, allowing you to choose who has permission to experience your media. Hitch is compatible with Mass Storage Devices, Photo Transfer Protocol (PTP), Media Transfer Protocol (MTP) at USB 2.0 speeds. Hitch is easy to use – the bright white backlit LCD Display and speedy scroll-wheel make navigation smooth. The intuitive interface makes it easy to select single files, entire albums, or the whole collection – it’s all up to you.

How it Works

  • Plug the source device into one USB port on Hitch
  • Plug the destination device into the other USB port
  • Select the file or folder you want to transfer using the high-speed scroll wheel
  • Press the SEND button and youre done! Its that fast.

Hitch was a hit at the 2006 CES, winning an Innovations Award from the CEA. According to CEA research, ease of transferring content is the top feature correlating with customer satisfaction for digital media players. Hitch is the answer that portable gadget owners have been waiting for to make transferring content easy, quick, and hassle-free away from the PC.

Hitch At A Glance

  • Works with all major USB devices – iPodTM and other Digital Media Players, Digital Cameras, Thumb Drives, Video Cameras, and more!
  • Speedy scroll wheel for easy navigation
  • No computer needed!
  • USB 2.0 Compliant Device
  • Upgradeable, LINUX based Operating System
  • Reads MP3 Tag info and digital camera PTP Databases
  • Bright, backlit LCD screen
  • Charges USB Devices
  • Rechargable Battery

Hitch units feature technology that appeals to everyone from the most basic of users to the elite power users. It can also charge any USB-chargeable device holding enough juice to fully charge two video iPodTM units via USB! Plus, its built on a Linux platform, which is fully upgradeable. A future software development kit will be available direct from Sima, for power users that would like to add functionality to the already numerous uses of Hitch.

Technical Specifications

  • Supports Mass Storage (MS) devices including FAT 8/16/32
  • Supports USB Picture Transfer Protocol (PTP) – Hitch will recognize a connected camera automatically
  • Supports Media Transfer Protocol (MTP)
  • LED file transfer indicator lights
  • Supports MP3 ID3 file identification for title and artist file information
  • Supports USB 2.0 and USB 1.1 Standards
  • 2.5 monochrome LCD screen with backlight
  • Provides up to 500mA at 5V to both ports simultaneously
  • Provides file copy and deletion functionality to choice of destination folder
  • LINUX based Operating System
  • Firmware Upgradable through simaproducts.com
  • 4.3” x 2.6” x 0.9”, 8 oz weight (including battery)
  • Includes AC Charging Adaptor


Why do I want Hitch?

The Hitch allows you to transfer all types of files on the go, without the need for a computer. Most Digital Audio Player (DAP) owners get their own music and video for use on their players from media they own, and can use the Hitch to transfer that content between their devices without lugging around a laptop or going back home to use a PC. Pictures, Video, Audio, Documents – all can be transferred quickly and easily without being tethered to a PC the “old way”. Plus, it does this all without being plugged into a wall like a portable hard-drive, AND Hitch’s internal battery can charge any USB charge-capable device.

Does Hitch transfer content that I’ve purchased from an online music store such as iTunes, Rhapsody, Napster, Yahoo!Music, etc.?

Yes. The Hitch is compliant with all copy-protection. Content purchased from an online store will work only on the device that it is connected to, and cannot be transferred to other devices – the content will simply not work on anything other than the originating device without permission of the original owner. With the iPod, for example, a protected download requires re-syncing to iTunes and the originator entering their user name and password to allow for that content to be used (one of the 5 uses a customer is granted when purchasing from iTunes). Content purchased from Janus protected subscription-based services is not transferable. (tests are still being conducted.)

How long does it take to transfer a song? An Album? A Collection?

The Hitch operates at the USB 2.0 Specification, making it compliant with all USB Specs (2.0, 1.1). This is dependent on the connected device’s native speed, and the file size of the content being transferred – for example, a USB 2.0 device connected via Hitch to a USB 1.1 device will not operate at the full USB 2.0 High-Speed rate, so times will vary. Regardless, most content will be transferred in much less time than starting up the average PC, plugging in the device, starting software and attempting to transfer the “old way”. For reference, here are some samples.

  • Song: (4MB) 5 seconds
  • Album: (15 songs) 80 seconds
  • Photo: (2MB) 2.5 seconds
  • Video (30 min) 3 minutes
  • Video (2hr) 12 minutes

How long does it take to charge my device from Hitch?

As long as it will normally take – Hitch does not increase or decrease charge times. Times will vary depending on the device being charged and will charge just the same as the device would normally take. A fully charged Hitch can fully charge 2 (two) 5th generation iPod Video units.

Will Hitch work with the Sony PSP?

Hitch will recognize and transfer files between the PSP’s Memory Stick and another USB device (not games or UMD movies). Since the PSP is a multimedia player, go ahead and send that hot new song from your iPod to the PSP and listen to it everywhere! Re-syncing your PSP is required to listen to it, but will be addressed in a future firmware upgrade.

Does the Hitch work with Digital Cameras that support the Photo Transport Protocol (PTP)?

Yes. The Hitch will transfer files between all cameras or cameras and other devices supporting PTP, as well as those supporting the Mass-Storage Device Standards.

Does Hitch work with USB-on-the-Go?

Yes, Hitch works with devices that are both compliant and non-compliant with USBotG. In fact, Hitch allows for devices that aren’t USBotG compliant to become compliant. USBotG is not required.

Does the Hitch have to use its internal battery only, or can it be powered by its power plug?

The Hitch can be powered by its adapter for full usage while it charges!

Is the Hitch battery user replaceable?

Yes. Replacements will be available via the Sima Products web store and Customer Service Hotline.

If I hook a Hitch up to a USB Hub, will it allow me to connect to multiple devices at the same time?

No. The Hitch will recognize the hub connect to the first device it finds on the USB hub. If that device is unplugged from the hub, the Hitch will then search for another device connected to that hub, but will never connect to more than two devices at once.

Does Hitch contain any internal memory or storage space?

No. The Hitch is a bridge device, and contains no memory. This is an advantage because it cannot have any issues with storage, such as hard-disk failures or memory allocation errors.

Does Hitch read directly from flash memory cards?

No. the Hitch is compatible with USB Card Readers, which the flash memory can plug into and be read from and written to, but the Hitch does not have slots for memory cards.

Can Hitch be upgraded?

Yes. Hitch features a fully upgradeable Linux based Operating System, making Firmware Upgrades as easy as downloading it to an iPod or Thumb Drive and running the built-in upgrade function.

Does the Linux-based O/S allow Hitch to be customized?

Yes. Hitch can be customized by advanced users who can take advantage of their own programming skills to write their own applications. This is known as “homebrew software” or “hacking” depending on definitions. Sima is not responsible for problems caused by running modified software – the standard consumer warranty is void.

Will Sima be providing developer kits?

Yes. Software development kits will be available directly from Sima, via the Customer Service Hotline and the website. The release date is to be announced.

Is Hitch compatible with Mac-formatted iPods?

Yes, but it requires the iPod being changed to FAT32. To accomplish this, the iPod must be hooked to a PC, and iTunes will prompt you to change the formatting. Formatting the player will erase it’s contents. Once it’s formatted to FAT32, the iPod can be hooked back to a Mac, which will prompt to reformat back to the HSC (Mac OS) format. Do not reformat. The Mac can use FAT32 without a problem. At this point, the content can be releoaded onto the iPod, and it will be fully compatible with Hitch.