Why do I want Hitch?

The Hitch allows you to transfer all types of files on the go, without the need for a computer. Most Digital Audio Player (DAP) owners get their own music and video for use on their players from media they own, and can use the Hitch to transfer that content between their devices without lugging around a laptop or going back home to use a PC. Pictures, Video, Audio, Documents – all can be transferred quickly and easily without being tethered to a PC the “old way”. Plus, it does this all without being plugged into a wall like a portable hard-drive, AND Hitch’s internal battery can charge any USB charge-capable device.

Does Hitch transfer content that I’ve purchased from an online music store such as iTunes, Rhapsody, Napster, Yahoo!Music, etc.?

Yes. The Hitch is compliant with all copy-protection. Content purchased from an online store will work only on the device that it is connected to, and cannot be transferred to other devices – the content will simply not work on anything other than the originating device without permission of the original owner. With the iPod, for example, a protected download requires re-syncing to iTunes and the originator entering their user name and password to allow for that content to be used (one of the 5 uses a customer is granted when purchasing from iTunes). Content purchased from Janus protected subscription-based services is not transferable. (tests are still being conducted.)

How long does it take to transfer a song? An Album? A Collection?

The Hitch operates at the USB 2.0 Specification, making it compliant with all USB Specs (2.0, 1.1). This is dependent on the connected device’s native speed, and the file size of the content being transferred – for example, a USB 2.0 device connected via Hitch to a USB 1.1 device will not operate at the full USB 2.0 High-Speed rate, so times will vary. Regardless, most content will be transferred in much less time than starting up the average PC, plugging in the device, starting software and attempting to transfer the “old way”. For reference, here are some samples.

  • Song: (4MB) 5 seconds
  • Album: (15 songs) 80 seconds
  • Photo: (2MB) 2.5 seconds
  • Video (30 min) 3 minutes
  • Video (2hr) 12 minutes

How long does it take to charge my device from Hitch?

As long as it will normally take – Hitch does not increase or decrease charge times. Times will vary depending on the device being charged and will charge just the same as the device would normally take. A fully charged Hitch can fully charge 2 (two) 5th generation iPod Video units.

Will Hitch work with the Sony PSP?

Hitch will recognize and transfer files between the PSP’s Memory Stick and another USB device (not games or UMD movies). Since the PSP is a multimedia player, go ahead and send that hot new song from your iPod to the PSP and listen to it everywhere! Re-syncing your PSP is required to listen to it, but will be addressed in a future firmware upgrade.

Does the Hitch work with Digital Cameras that support the Photo Transport Protocol (PTP)?

Yes. The Hitch will transfer files between all cameras or cameras and other devices supporting PTP, as well as those supporting the Mass-Storage Device Standards.

Does Hitch work with USB-on-the-Go?

Yes, Hitch works with devices that are both compliant and non-compliant with USBotG. In fact, Hitch allows for devices that aren’t USBotG compliant to become compliant. USBotG is not required.

Does the Hitch have to use its internal battery only, or can it be powered by its power plug?

The Hitch can be powered by its adapter for full usage while it charges!

Is the Hitch battery user replaceable?

Yes. Replacements will be available via the Sima Products web store and Customer Service Hotline.

If I hook a Hitch up to a USB Hub, will it allow me to connect to multiple devices at the same time?

No. The Hitch will recognize the hub connect to the first device it finds on the USB hub. If that device is unplugged from the hub, the Hitch will then search for another device connected to that hub, but will never connect to more than two devices at once.

Does Hitch contain any internal memory or storage space?

No. The Hitch is a bridge device, and contains no memory. This is an advantage because it cannot have any issues with storage, such as hard-disk failures or memory allocation errors.

Does Hitch read directly from flash memory cards?

No. the Hitch is compatible with USB Card Readers, which the flash memory can plug into and be read from and written to, but the Hitch does not have slots for memory cards.

Can Hitch be upgraded?

Yes. Hitch features a fully upgradeable Linux based Operating System, making Firmware Upgrades as easy as downloading it to an iPod or Thumb Drive and running the built-in upgrade function.

Does the Linux-based O/S allow Hitch to be customized?

Yes. Hitch can be customized by advanced users who can take advantage of their own programming skills to write their own applications. This is known as “homebrew software” or “hacking” depending on definitions. Sima is not responsible for problems caused by running modified software – the standard consumer warranty is void.

Will Sima be providing developer kits?

Yes. Software development kits will be available directly from Sima, via the Customer Service Hotline and the website. The release date is to be announced.

Is Hitch compatible with Mac-formatted iPods?

Yes, but it requires the iPod being changed to FAT32. To accomplish this, the iPod must be hooked to a PC, and iTunes will prompt you to change the formatting. Formatting the player will erase it’s contents. Once it’s formatted to FAT32, the iPod can be hooked back to a Mac, which will prompt to reformat back to the HSC (Mac OS) format. Do not reformat. The Mac can use FAT32 without a problem. At this point, the content can be releoaded onto the iPod, and it will be fully compatible with Hitch.